Australia’s No. 1 Killer

Life insurance is no help to those who are fighting for their lives. When you purchase whole life insurance, you are thinking of your family’s welfare after you’re gone. You want the peace of mind of knowing that they will be taken care of when you’re no longer there to protect and provide for them.

But what if you get sick and are unable to work, accruing the extra burden of medical expenses while bringing in less and less income as the struggle continues on for years? While our families are more than willing to take care of us in our hardest times, a person can’t help but worry.

None of this is pleasant to consider, no situation that requires insurance ever is, but if there’s another way to bolster yourself and your loved in the midst of our worst challenges, who wouldn’t jump at the chance? This is where Trauma Insurance helps.

The new number one killer of Australians

I don’t know of anyone who can say they haven’t been affected by cancer. Whether they themselves were diagnosed, or a loved one or friend won or lost the battle, no one is exempt from its reach. It has been proven in a recent report by the World Health Organization that cancer has become the number one killer of Australians.

Before this study, we believed it was heart disease, but here in Australia alone, 40,000 people succumbed to cancer in 2012, and that’s only the beginning of a steady climb. Doctors predict that this rate will increase by 75% in the next twenty years.

Prevention is the best medicine

Like many complex statistical shifts, this is due to many factors, like an aging populace and increased screenings, but most of the causes are preventable lifestyle choices such as smoking, alcohol, and unhealthy weight.

We all know that smoking kills, in fact it accounts for seventy percent of lung cancer deaths, and lung cancer is the most commonly diagnosed form of the disease. Lung cancer is closely followed by cancer of the liver, stomach, colon, and breast. Even as little as one drink every day increases women’s chances of getting breast cancer, while men are more likely to develop tumors with as few as two or three drinks a day. Australians and New Zealanders have the highest occurrence of melanoma, almost twice as much as anywhere else on the globe.

Preparation is the best ally

Cancer is not only the number one cause of death; it is also a terribly expensive long-term illness, costing patients and their families over $1 trillion annually. That’s where trauma insurance comes in to relieve the financial burden and let you and your family focus on more important priorities. If you suffer from a specified trauma, including cancer, this type of insurance pays a lump sum to help you keep up with your bills. Every policy and premium varies depending on your circumstances and what is appropriate for you.

The experienced and knowledgable Advisers at Make a Difference Insurance can ensure that protecting yourself and your loved ones against the financial implications of serious illness is not a stressful exercise. We’ll guide you to the right plan for you and your family.