Life Insurance Bequest

You can start to arrange your legacy from as little as $2.60 per week*

The Make A Difference Insurance target is to have $500 million of life insurance bequests for causes and charities by 2020.

Bequest with Life Insurance – why…

A permanent life insurance bequest is a valuable and generous gift that for just a few dollars a day, can allow a donor to make a more substantial contribution to a cause or charity than would otherwise be possible. By naming a charity or cause as a beneficiary of your life insurance policy, you are able to make a significant contribution to a needy cause at a relatively small cost, leaving behind a much needed legacy.

Organising a life insurance bequest is a great way to provide assistance and relief to the lives of others long after you have gone.

Deciding to donate in this way costs as little as a monthly insurance policy, but ensures what you leave behind is appreciated and used where it is needed most.

What will happen?

When you purchase a “Permanent Life Insurance Plan” you will (if appropriate):

Be added to the register of donors of the charity or cause of your choice.

Nominate a specific area you want the proceeds to be donated.

Receive confirmation from both the insurance company and the cause.

Remain anonymous if you prefer.

Be invited to all special events and dinners for your chosen cause.

How does it work?

Option 1: Purchase a new policy online or through one of M.A.D.I’s helpful agents on the phone or in your own home. Make the charity policy owner… – to leave it to the charity

Option 2: You can choose to donate by nominating a cause or charity as the beneficiary or the policy owner of an existing policy.


Ready to leave a bequest?…..Contact us to make a difference…

*amount varies due to age, and option chosen