Ramsay Health

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Make A Difference Insurance is proud to be part of the Ramsay Health Staff Wellness Programme.


Our exclusive offer to Ramsay Health employees:

• 10% premium cash back on new policy purchases

• $50 cash back on transfer of existing policy(s)


Existing Policies

If you have an existing policy or policies and don’t want to make any changes to either the insurer or type of cover, then simply download and complete the single page Broker Authority form and email it to MAD Insurance at service@mafd.com.au.

Why transfer to us?

    • Personalised service. As an Insurance Broker we help you to find the best option to suit you from Australia’s leading providers.
    • In the event of a claim we ensure you receive the best possible pay out. Last year we helped our clients receive an extra $801,000 over and above that initially paid by their insurer.
    • Annual review of your insurance needs.