Old Haileyburians

A Hat Trick of Benefits:

  • Price match or better than current life insurance premium or quote or we’ll donate $5,000 to OHCC
  • 10% of your first year premium is donated to OHCC/OHA
  • If you have existing policies that you would like to keep and make no changes to, simply appoint MADI as the broker to your policies and we’ll donate $50 to OHCC


  • We match or beat any prices on a like for like policy from the list of insurers from our home page.
  • The offer is subject to the person applying for the insurance being healthy and not subject to health exclusions or loadings.
  • Does not apply to clients who have previously purchased level premium contracts.
  • If MADI cannot beat or match the price, then the person must appoint MADI as their broker and MADI will pay $5,000 to OHCC.

10% Premium Donation

  • Where a member of OHCC or OHA purchase a life insurance policy, MADI will donate 10% of the first year premium to OHCC.

Existing Policies

If you have an existing policy or policies and don’t want to make any changes to either the insurer or type of cover, then simply download and complete the single page Broker Authority form and email it to MAD Insurance at service@mafd.com.au.

Why transfer to MAD Insurance?

  • Personalised service from your local insurance broker.
  • In the event of a claim MAD Insurance will liaise with the Insurer on your behalf to ensure you receive the best possible pay out.
  • Free annual review of your insurance needs.