AIA Vitality

We’re delighted to be a Partner in AIA Insurance’s new Vitality Programme. AIA Australia, one of Australia’s largest and oldest Insurers, is one of the 15 Insurance Companies represented by Make A Difference Insurance. AIA Vitality is a scientifically backed wellness programme that aims to make a real difference to its members’ lives.

It firstly encourages people to get to know the current state of their health and then offers an incredible range of benefits and incentives to make health improving changes to their lifestyle.

Talk with either James or Jordan in the office to discuss how you can become part of the AIA Vitality Programme. Not only will it help you to become healthier, but you’ll save money and enjoy fabulous benefits and discounts along the way.

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Know your health

AIA Vitality helps you get healthier by giving you the knowledge, tools and motivation to improve your health.

By understanding your personal health, and working towards improving it, you will achieve a fitter, healthier lifestyle, with the added incentive of earning AIA Vitality Points, improving your AIA Vitality Status and enjoying great benefits including travel and lifestyle rewards.

Enjoy the benefits

As you get healthier, earn AIA Vitality Points and build up your AIA Vitality Status, you experience a range of premium lifestyle rewards including travel, shopping and entertainment!


Up to 50% off flights

Endota Spa

Up to 50% off


$20 gift card at 5,000 Vitality Points

Hoyts Cinemas

Discounted vouchers at 50% off

Save on your insurance premiums

AIA Vitality offers you an initial discount off first-year premiums on all eligible AIA Australia life insurance benefits. The initial discount for lump sum is 12.50% and income protection discount is 7.50%. Further discounts or cash back may also apply on renewal and on policies that cover you. These discounts may increase or decrease, based on your AIA Vitality Status.

Want to know more?

Download the AIA Vitality brochure for further details or contact the Make A Difference Insurance AIA Vitality Team today.

AIA Vitality is available to AIA Priority Protection Customers. Whether you’re a current AIA Policy holder, currently insured with another Insurance Provider or do not currently have Life Insurance or Income Protection, talk to us about how you can start enjoying the benefits of AIA Vitality today.

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