Life Insurance For Your Kids’ Sake

Susan’s parents always felt that life insurance was just another financial burden and one that they would have to do without.  They considered that the basic life insurance held in their superannuation funds would be enough to get them by if something were to happen.  Like many, they thought the chances of either them dying prematurely were slim.

At the age of 52 Susan’s father was diagnosed with liver cancer and died less than a year after receiving his diagnosis.  Luckily, through hard work and buying a house when they were first married, Susan’s family home was fully paid off before the time of her father’s death.  Although his modest superannuation was enough to meet the day to day needs of the family, it was not enough to allow them to continue with the lifestyle that they had before her Dad’s death.  Susan and her two younger sisters were forced to changed schools during their critical (and often trying) teenage / high school years.  To this day, Susan still recalls the anxiety and stress that went with trying to find her way around a new school whilst navigating contending with peer group and schooling pressures.  All at a time when Susan, her mother and sisters were grieving.

I met Susan when our children were babies.  The struggles that she and her family experienced were enough to convince Susan and her husband that life insurance was a must now that they were a family.  She had seen first hand what life can be like should illness suddenly take away the future that a family has planned.  Susan and her husband, Tony, did not wish for their young family to struggle the way Susan’s had and felt that Life Insurance was one way to ensure that this would not happen.

Death – It Happens To Us All

No one likes to think about dying, but it will happen to each and every one of us eventually.  We all hope that our loved ones will live a long and healthy life, but what if that were not the case?. Could you survive financially? How about your significant other? If in the unfortunate situation you both died, would your children be cared for financially?

If you don’t have life insurance, these questions become very difficult to answer. If you do have life insurance, you may feel pain at thinking of the loss of your spouse, but you won’t be concerned about the financial aspect of such a loss.

The team at Make A Difference Insurance have a great deal of experience helping people determine what is the best form of insurance for their personal situation.  We can help you figure how much insurance coverage you will need to suit your own personal situation and take into account your current and projected financial situation, debts, education choices and what sort of lifestyle you wish your family to have.

To avoid a situation such as that faced by my friend, Susan, and her family, contact the team at Make A Difference Insurance.