Ditch Your Direct Insurer

Are you aware of the difference in dealing with a Direct Insurer versus an Insurance Broker?

Direct insurers, such as those you might see on television, often sell only their own product, which may or may not be suitable for you. Of course, if this is the only product they have to offer, they work very hard to convince you that this product is suitable to your needs.

Presenting The Best Option – Not The Only Option

Insurance Brokers represent a number of insurance providers and part of their role is to work with you to evaluate your needs and to help you find the best insurance solution for your specific circumstance.   Brokers have no vested interest in selling you one product over another and so you can rest assured that the advice you receive truly will be in your best interest.

Saving You Money

It is a common misconception that engaging an Insurance Broker will cost you more than purchasing insurance through a Direct Insurer. The truth is that in many cases you will actually pay less through a Broker as the chart below shows for a female non smoker aged 45. 

female 45 chart direct v broker

Further price comparisons can be seen here

Getting To Know You

As an Insurance Broker, we take the time to work with our customers to get to know them and what is important to them and their families. Our many years of experience in the insurance industry means that we know the pitfalls and traps of searching for insurance. We know the questions to ask, things you might not even consider, that will ensure the best possible solution for your specific circumstance.

At Make A Difference Insurance, we pride ourselves on taking care of our customers right through the life of a policy.  We know that our customers may need an advocate at claim time – someone who understands their entitlements, can navigate the bureaucracy and negotiate on their behalf to ensure claims are handled sensitively and quickly.

We’re The Experts On Your Side

Every month our Advisers get referrals from people all over Australia who have had a claim denied or a benefit reduced by an insurance company or Super Fund. Unfortunately as most people don’t have an indepth knowledge of the insurance claim and superannuation process, many people each year are receiving a payment less than they are entitled to receive. In some cases, their claims are being denied, when in fact they were eligible for a claim payment.

Our Advisers have an outstanding success rate in negotiating outcome for our customers.  In 2012, our Senior Advisor negotiated additional claim payments of $801,000 on behalf of clients after their initial claim had already been closed! Additional funds that they were always entitled to, but would not have received if it were not for the industry knowledge of Make A Difference Insurance’s Advisory Team.

Here’s what one of our customers had to say following their claims process:

“Last year we made a claim through our previous Adviser but after James (MADI Senior Adviser) looked at it he realised that we should have been paid more.  James spoke with our insurers and we were able to get an extra $12,000.  We were over the moon.” 

If you’re interested in receiving professional advice that will allow you to choose the best possible insurance coverage, tailored to your specific circumstance, contact the Team at Make A Difference Insurance.