Does Insurance Have To Be Confusing?

A recent report by Dr Allan Fels, former head of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) highlights the confusion that many people feel with respect to insurance.

The discussion paper, although referring to home and contents insurance, raises issues that can equally be applied to life insurance and other forms of personal insurance.

Lengthy quotation processes, policy documents exclusions and exclusions are often causes of confusion for those looking for personal insurance. Unfortunately, these frustrations often lead to people postponing their plans to organise personal insurance, or in some cases, abandon them altogether – despite the original drivers that lead to their initial search for insurance remaining unchanged.

As quoted on in a recent ABC News article, one Melbourne resident sought advice from an Insurance Broker following frustration with the quotation process.

“Even for someone like me who has a fair tolerance for these things it can be hours and it just gets to a point where you say enough, it’s just very time consuming.”

Insurance Does Not Have To Be Confusing

At Make A Difference Insurance, we constantly see people who are frustrated with the lack of transparency and seemingly endless paperwork involved with arranging personal insurance. People who have been enticed by the television advertising of many insurers who promise a simple process that turns out to be anything but simple.

An experienced Insurance Broker can help simplify what for many is a difficult and confronting topic – after all, no one wants to face the prospect of ill health, accident or even death.

Your Insurance Broker Can Help

As an Insurance Broker, it is our role to guide you through the insurance process – to help you find the insurance that best suits your personal situation, taking into account your needs and wants, your personal and financial situation and of course, your budget.

We work with a number of Insurance Companies and act as your advocate to ensure the best solution for you, regardless of your age, health or personal circumstance.

Our Role Does Not End When You Sign On The Dotted Line

The role of the Insurance Broker does not end with your signature on a policy. Our Advocacy role carries on for as long as you have a policy. Should your situation change – whether you buy a home, start a family or retire, we can help you modify your policy to suit your changed circumstances.

In the event of a claim, we again go to work for you, negotiating the best possible outcome for you – within the quickest possible time.

An Insurance Broker takes the hassle out of insurance – and often at a reduced cost.

If you’re one of the many Australians feeling frustrated and confused by the Insurance industry, talk to an experienced Insurance Broker. Contact the Make A Difference Insurance team.

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