Can You Afford Cancer?

Each and every day, more than 100 Australians die of cancer.Improvements in medical treatment and greater awareness of cancer prevention and screening has saved or prolonged many thousands of lives in recent years. Whilst this is undoubtedly good news, surviving cancer does not come without financial cost.

According to the Cancer Council, 125,000 Australians are diagnosed with a form of cancer each year. The good news is that five years later, 65% of those people will still be alive.

Daffodil Day

daffodils-006Friday 22 August is Daffodil Day, the Cancer Council’s annual event in which thousands of volunteers help with their fundraising efforts that to go supporting cancer research, treatment and patient support.

Although the improvement in Cancer survival rate is wonderful, (thanks to the significant research efforts conducted with funds raised by Daffodil Day) the financial implication of fighting cancer is not insignificant and something that is not considered by most people.

The Cost of Surviving Cancer

Private health insurance and Medicare will go part of the way to covering your costs of treatment, but they don’t offset the income you may lose during a lengthy recovery and recuperation process.

Thankfully, Trauma Insurance (also called Critical Illness Insurance) can help. This type of insurance pays a lump sum amount – tax free – in the event that you are diagnosed with a defined medical condition, such as cancer, or if you suffer a significant injury.

As we all are well aware, every day financial pressures continue to apply, even if we aren’t working. What if your partner also needed to take time off to look after you or your children? Could you sustain a complete loss of income for a number of months? Not many of us could.

Trauma Insurance payments can be used in any way you see fit. You might need the money to meet your out of pocket medical expenses, school fees or every day household expenses. Perhaps you’ll use it to outsource household chores such as cleaning and cooking. You could even use it to fund a lavish holiday to celebrate your return to health.

Whatever you use your Trauma Insurance payment for, with financial pressures eased, you’re free to focus on your health and family.

Daffodil Day works towards a cancer free future for Australia. For more information about their work and how you can get involved, visit their website,

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To find out how you can be secure in the knowledge that your family’s financial future will be protected if you or a loved on develop a critical illness, contact us.

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