457 Visa Holders Insurance

We have a 100% track record in obtaining comprehensive Life and Income Protection Insurance for Temporary Residents and their families.


457 Visa Insurance For Employees

Are you currently living in Australia on a working visa? You might not be aware that if you are ill or injured, your sponsor employer is only obligated to pay your medical or hospital expenses for treatment in a public hospital and your relocation costs to your country of origin. They are NOT obligated to continue paying your income.

In a situation where you are unable to work for an extended period due to sickness or injury, your employer may be forced to terminate your employment arrangement and return you home, rather than continue paying you.

To address this problem, we negotiated comprehensive personal insurance coverage for 457 Visa holders with one of Australia’s largest insurers in early 2009. Since then as long as you have an intention to reside permanently in Australia you have access to:

Death Cover
Income Protection
Total & Permanent Disablement (TPD); and
Trauma Cover

Applying for Income Protection or Life Insurance for 457 Visa holders is a simple process where you can apply over the phone with one of our friendly staff or in person if you’re in Melbourne.

Why use us?

We have a 100% success track record! We receive calls every week from 457 Visa holders, currently working in Australia who have had personal insurance applications declined on the basis of their residency status.

As specialist insurance brokers we understand the insurance market and that your circumstances are unique. We take the time to tailor a solution for you and your family.

Call us on 03 9002  4027 and speak to one our specialists today.

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457 Visa Insurance For Employers

We assist employers both large and small all across Australia in protecting their employees.

Large Multinationals

Engineering, Legal, Health, Mining and IT firms often have fixed contracts that apply to staff all over the globe. As the insurance market is different in each country, it can be difficult to relocate staff without first ensuring that their entitlements are guaranteed.

We work with employers to ensure that all staff are protected while working in Australia, under equivalent employment conditions to their country of origin. Whether it’s an overseas Government sponsored entitlement (as is common in Europe) or a company offered benefit (as is common in the U.S.) Make a Difference Insurance ensure that you can offer your employees equivalent protection to their current arrangements.

Small and Medium Business

business-ownersSmall and medium business invest significant resources in sponsoring and employing staff. Should a sponsored staff member fall ill or have an accident, the sponsoring employer is required to cover the cost of medical treatment (through Private Health Insurance) and cover the cost of returning the staff member to their country of origin. This may result in many months in lost or reduced productivity for the sponsoring employer company as they initiate a search for another suitable employee. This cost is often significantly higher than the cost of an income protection policy which will allow the sponsored employee to remain in Australia while they recover, without the employer needing to pay the salary for a non-productive employee.

Whether you have sponsored a single employee or you sponsor dozens of people annually, Make a Difference Insurance can provide a cost effective solution to meet your contract requirements.

Call us on 03 9002  4027 and speak to one our specialists today.

Private Health Insurance

If you came to this page looking for Private Health Insurance instead of Life Insurance, please go to the website: 457 Visa Compared. All the policies compared on the 457 Compared website meet the 457 Visa DIAC (Australian Government) requirements.